Synergy Industrial Park has an excellent supply of high-quality energy and water for productive processes, a gas station, fiber optics, and being located immediately next to the city of Escuintla facilitates access and transportation of skilled labor to operate efficiently.

CA09 Highway: Synergy Industrial Park has convenient access to the CA09, one of the most important highways that connects Guatemala from the Pacific port to the Atlantic Port. This route is widely used by manufacturing and logistics companies due to its convenient connection not only to the most important ports (Pacific and Atlantic), but also to other highways from which goods can be distributed to other land ports with connections to Mexico, Honduras, and El Salvador.

CA09 SUR Highway: A very relevant attribute that Synergy Industrial Park has is also having access to the CA09 Sur. This is of great importance since this highway not only connects Palín and Escuintla, but also does not charge tolls, which translates into efficiencies and cost reductions for logistics and manufacturing operators.

RN14 Highway: The location of Synergy Industrial Park is unique because it not only connects to the CA09 and CA09 Sur, but also to the RN14, a very relevant highway for linking to the Guatemalan highlands and other regions of Guatemala, as well as connecting with Mexico."