Synergy Industrial Park is the industrial park that perfectly suits the need to update industrial operations, to effectively respond to market challenges, optimize business profitability, and reach new heights.

It will be the largest industrial park in Central America, with over 4,700 hectares of land, equivalent to 1/4 of Guatemala City and even larger than the city of Escuintla.

The park will be developed in phases and will offer a wide range of products that are designed to provide flexibility and versatility to customers. It will provide immediate land reserve next to the customer's industrial warehouse for those who need to expand their operations, without any additional cost.

Synergy Industrial Park has world-class standards, with an orderly and consistent design that facilitates easy management of operational and logistical expenses.

Synergy Industrial Park embodies:


Synergy Industrial Park is a world-class business ecosystem that offers a wide range of solutions tailored to the needs of each business with efficiency and flexibility.


Synergy Industrial Park leads the new standard of industrial parks in the region with valuable solutions that boost business productivity with world-class infrastructure and urbanization.


Synergy Industrial Park delivers logistics and manufacturing solutions that empower business growth and responsibly add value to its community.